Friday, November 07, 2008

Gym Rant

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There are some general rules about TV in loud public places. Actually, there is only one rule, and it is really quite simple. PUT THE TV ON ESPN!

It's not a hard concept people. You can't hear the TV and the text scroll is like 2 minutes behind real time. Thus, you watch sports, the only thing that can be universally understood without sound. I am tired of going to the gym and being forced to watch election coverage or the news when I could be watching the NBA or NHL game that is likely on.

Speaking of Hockey, the San Jose Sharks are 14-2 and 8-0 at home!

Also, when you are using the cardio equipment, please keep your sexual moans to yourself please, ahem.

The news/election coverage has been particularly annoying considering the election was a major disappointment on so many levels:

Other images from the Sacramento No on 8 Cadlelight Vigil here and here as well as others in Tinywater's stream.

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