Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Wonders of Ashland, WI & Neighboring Towns

I spent a glorious week in Ashland, WI doing a mix of all of my favorite things: reading, outdoorsing, watching TV/Movies, and eating! What a perfect vacation.

I flew into Duluth, MN, which actually was not a bad flight and we were lucky enough to see some tall ships. We just caught the tail end of the Duluth Tall Ship Festival of sorts. We saw 4 tall ships leaving, which also meant we got to see the Duluth aerial bridge open.

Bounty and Roald Amundsen
Click the festival link above for more professional pictures

While we were in Duluth we went to Fitgers - a shopping center, and most importantly brew pub. I had a Wild Rice Burger, apparently one of the staple crops of the area and it was AMZINGLY DELICOUS! Sadly due to jet lag and a momentary lapse in judgment, I have no pictures. But, trust me, the place is spot on.

Stacie indulged me on both our trips to and from the airport in my recently discovered obsession with Custard Ice Cream. We stopped at Culver's on the way to Ashland and I got a concrete mixer. It was good, but the hot caramel defeats the "concrete" nature of the item. On the return to the airport I made a much better choice and got Vanilla Custard on its own, then once we heard what the flavor of the day way - Mint Explosion (Mint Custard, Oreos & Andes Mints) I had to try that as well.

Ashland, WI - located on the shores of Chequamegon Bay, Lake Superior

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