Monday, March 12, 2012

Mother's Day 5k!

Some of you may know, one of my ultimate fitness goals is to complete a Sprint Triathlon. You may also know the thing that has kept me from the race is the running portion. In order to eventually meet this goal, I have decided to train for the Mother's Day 5k in early May. I have decided to go with an Online training program, Up & Running Online. (Also see the snazzy badge on the right sidebar). I decided this was best because I can do the running whenever I want (as opposed to when the fleetfeet group or some other one meets). Plus I am an internet junkie.

I am still doing #GoOrGive, despite a February Hiatus! The training will be an excellent way to get my 10K steps in too :)

I decided to run Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, which gives me some leeway on the weekend if I need to make up a run. Also, I usually have plans on the weekend, and so it will be nice not to have to worry about getting up early to "make time" for my run.

Here is my "Running Diary" from my first training session:
Overall, I am counting this workout/run as a success! With daylight savings time here, it was dark out when I started, but I got the benefit of seeing a gorgeous full moon.

Things I am proud of:
1. I got my butt out of bed at 6am and drove to the park to start my workout in a balmy 40 degrees F (4 degrees C for all the Euros in the group!)
2. I was prepared: I input the workout into RunKeeper; I picked out my outfit the night before; I make an electrolyte water mix and put the waterbottle in the fridge; I planned the route and reviewed the workout; and I set my alarm
3. I reviewed the workout 4 times or so, and with the help of RunKeeper, was able to do the whole thing w/o stopping.
4. When it came to the actually running part, I ran .3 of the .6 mile! and then fastwalked the rest.

Things I want to improve this week:
1. Figure out a better way to run with my iphone/keys (any good ideas?)
2. By my 3rd workout, the last of this week's series, I would like to be running the full .6 of a mile
3. Stay consistent/don't be afraid of the looming rain in the forecast!

Workout for today = CHECK!

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Peter said...

This is so cool! I'm glad you're on your way and motivated! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!