Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time Off

Last week was my final week of work before I took some time off to move and relax a bit before law school. It was a crazy week filled with parties and presents and send offs. My co-workers showed me how much they care over a double shot of Jamison, a few beers, and a bowl of frozen yogurt. I still managed to get up at 6 and go to the gym, so that tells me a lot about how I’ll manage in the next 6 months.

Anyhow, with all the excitement, I neglected the blogosphere. I am back to report that even since I’ve been off work and free to lounge around, sleep-in, and get off track, I haven’t. I have been very busy moving and packing, but also still making it to bed on time and hitting the gym early.

Yesterday was especially fun as I got my 5+ miles in as well. My mom and I decided to go explore the Muir Woods/Stinson Beach area because it really is in my “backyard” and it’s a shame not to see the things that are so easily accessible.

Here are some photos and a short video from the fun, outdoor-filled day.

Muir Woods:

It's a little shaky, but I love the sound of the stream so I had to take a little video!

The lighting was really good when we first arrived

A picture of me standing by a redwood

My mom next to a large fallen tree, for reference she’s 5’6

Highway 1 in between Stinson Beach and Olema/Point Reyes Station:

It was getting pretty foggy on our way home

In random fun news, when we were at Point Reyes Station I spotted Lili Taylor, who played Lisa on Six Feet Under. She was with her boyfriend, Author Nick Flynn, and their daughter. My sighting went a little like this:

As I was leaving a new and used book store I spot this woman that looks oddly familiar. When I make my way out the door past her, she says something to the guy she’s with, instantly I think, “She’s an actress, she was in something, I know that voice!”

Then I go outside and proceed to stare at her through the window, but it was just her back. When my mom makes it outside I say, “Hey I think that woman is an actress, go look and see who she is”

So my mom goes in there and tries to be inconspicuous but in the mean time they leave before she gets a good look. I’m still outside and I get another really good look and KNOW she must have been in something. My mom followed them out but says she didn’t really get a good look at them. I tell her, “I know she was in something, let me just think about it”

But then when I turn there are these two chicks eating their treats from the bakery next door with that same “I just saw someone famous” grin on their face. Then the one with the piercing turns and says to her friend, “that was the chick from Six Feet Under” and instantly I knew it was true.

In other celebrity sightings, when I went for my second visit to the much loved newish Oakland establishment Camino on Monday night, Alice Waters was there. How perfect.


Fitarella said...

yay, finally, there you are!!
beautiful dah-ling :-)

MizFit said...

**waves at you standing by redwood*