Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive

A while ago I blogged about the gym as one of my distractions at law school. To be more exact, it was really the lack of a gym I liked as a reason to come back to the Bay Area to train. As much as I love my trainer and do still plan to come back to train when I can, it is not feesable to do often, and I need to have a place I can go everyday.

In doing some digging online, I only came up with two places I thought I would be reasonably happy: here or here.

Lucky for me I don't have to settle because I really don't like settling. Anyway, I mentioned to my current gym owners that I hadn't really found a decent replacement for them, and they were kind enough to save me from CrossFit. Don't get me wrong, people love it, I just don't think it fits me and my fitness goals. Besides I seem incapable of doing a proper squat (either a hip problem or a lower back one, not quite sure), so CrossFit might kill me.

Introducing Chip Conrad's Physical Subculture aka Bodytribe:



Mark Salinas said...

Awesome! Those tire pushes will break many! Very cool!

Mark Salinas said...

Ok...I have to find one of these workouts around here!

MizFit said...


I always say the Toddler Tornado will be a power lifter----whether she likes it or not :)