Friday, September 12, 2008

Hiding Out

I admit it, I've been going to coffee shops all week. The evidence of my adventures:



I tell myself I work better at a coffee shop, that I might as well enjoy air conditioning on some other persons dime. Truthfully, I'm a TV addict. When I'm at home, I constantly think about watching TV, or let me self watch one show, which inevitably turns into 2, or 3...

I feel like while I'm making this admission, I might as well get it all out. My fall schedule is as follows:

Thankfully some of my summer favorites are ending... TNT's The Closer, and Bravo's Project Runway are on their way out.

Ordinarily I would have it ordered by day of the week (yes, I'm that OCD) if I actually watched my shows when they air, but I have a DVR so they are organized by network for ease of adding to the DVR :)

Fringe (New, this has already started although there’s an encore Sunday, 9/14. I dig it)

Biggest Loser (Can’t get enough, I’ve seen all of these)
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (One word: Olivia)
Life (Love Sarah Shahi, the show is really good, I mean really)
Chuck (Hilarious, best new show of last year, and if you didn’t notice, my selections are drama heavy)
Knight Rider (New, will give it a shot)
Lipstick Jungle (Total eye candy, wish Cashmere Mafia would have stuck around though)
Crusoe (New, will give it a shot)

Eleventh Hour (New)
Amazing Race (This is one of the best reality shows, ever.)
The Unit (Love the military thing, not sure why…O, and Audrey Marie Anderson is HOT!)

Gossip Girl (Love, love, love Blake Lively...and I don't usually go for blonds)
teen vogue

Raising The Bar (New, and it’s another lawyer show buy the great Steven Bochco of NYPD Blue fame, so far I’m not that impressed.)
Leverage (Coming sometime in October)

Sons of Anarchy (New, 2 episodes have already accumulated on the DVR)
Damages (Not sure when the second season will air, but this was my favorite drama last season, rent it!)
"Damages" promo poster
Nip Tuck (Not sure when the second season will air, its jumped the shark many a time, but its like crack)

Plus I watch a ton of shows on the Food Network. Some of my favorites include: Dinner Impossible, Food Network Challenge, Iron Chef, and Ace of Cakes, plus recently Feasting on Waves.

Things I dropped this year or looked interesting but I couldn’t justify picking up:
America’s Next Top Model, Top design, Life on Mars, and some reality shows (I keep seeing previews for some show where people try to fit themselves into cut-out shapes in a moving wall, I'm intrigued, mainly as to how that became a show).

Yes. I. Know. I. Have. A. Problem.


John Promani said...

omg i watched like 5 min of the show where people try to fit in the cut-out shapes. its stupid and the announcer is annoying. but the first time they tried it was funny. ...oh and it was a japanese game show that made its way over here if that gives any clue as to why it became a show.

carla said...

2 things.

Please to watch sons of anarchy and tell me what you think...I'm 'eh' about it.

Two? You're a winner! (In life & at MizFit)