Monday, March 09, 2009

Scrabble Nation

Picture 1
(A sample of one of my crazier boards, so stacked a lot of tiles at the end were unplayable)

The Scrabble application on Facebook has a history. The concept was first brought to Facebook in the form of Scrabulous sometime around 2006, I believe. It swept Facebook for a good couple of months before Hasbro caught on and threatened to sue. Shortly thereafter Scrabulous disapeared and the next craze hit. Tetris maybe.

Recently, Hasbro released its sanctioned/sponsored version of Scrabble and it is probably a bigger hit than the first time around.

My entire section is obsessed, and for mostly novice players, law students are damn good.

I got my first BINGO (where you use all your tiles = 50 bonus points, for a 149 word score!)
Picture 3
"Patented" down the right side using two of the "double word" score tiles.

What an exciting play, fitting that it was a Property related term. Seriously though, I need to kick this scrabble addiction and refocus on my studies. Maybe after the next game :)

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