Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Pescadero, CA

An old co-worker told me about this great hostel just south of Pescadero, CA, which is itself just south of SF an hour. Pigeon Point Lighthouse and Hostel is indeed awesome. It's a hostile, so, keeping that in mind, there are a few perks here. Location, location, location. They also have a hot tub you can reserve for 30min. increments that looks over the ocean. It was fabulous. After a failed attempt to stay at the hostel last year for my girlfriends' birthday, we planned ahead and were able to book a private room for my birthday this past July.


The hostel is right on the ocean, and the only downside to the whole trip was the windy, cold, foggy weather. I guess you can't expect too much on the pacific coast, but it was the end of July so we were hoping for sun!


The lighthouse itself is a tourist spot, and the grounds are gorgeous.

I had never seen a plant like this. It seemed to be of the cacti family more than of the rose family.

Once we left the coast and headed about 3 miles inland to Pescadero, we were met with warmth and sunshine from both nature and the towns people.

The girl and her goat are actually leading you to the Pescadero goat farm and cheese shop, Harley Farms. You can buy some amazing artisan goat cheese and pet the goats. Also, when we stopped in, they informed us that they had just got their license to start making goats milk ice cream and were preparing to bring it to market. That is enough to get me back to Pescadero next summer.

The main drag in Pescadero is less than a quarter mile long, but there are some gems to be found. The mexican place inside the gas station makes amazing quesadillas. Fresh baked olallaberry pie and bread can be found at Arcangeli Grocery Co./Norms Market. Finger-licking-good BBQ in a picnic setting, can only be found on the weekends at the Pescadero Country Store. Gorgeous furniture and gift purveyors line the street along with a ton of cyclists and tourists. In a town so small, you are spotted straight off, so just enjoy it, the town has embraced itself as a tourist stop. Overall, it was a fabulous weekend on the coast.

Having explored and noted the highlights, I can't wait to share this with family and friends as a relaxing day trip next summer. Look out for my next post on the kiteboarding we witnessed a little further south.

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