Friday, October 30, 2009

Bakesale Betty’s + The Roller Rink

I have previously posted about Bakesale Betty’s here. But really, it's just that good.

Sadly, strawberries are not in season and you cannot procure the delectable strawberry shortcake right now. However, Betty’s is never a shortage of goodness.

On my last visit I finally made it there early enough (during the lunch hour) to get one of their famous fried chicken sandwiches:

It didn’t disappoint. Even though it looks like a hard baguette, it was actually very soft and nicely contrasted by the crunch of the chicken and the coleslaw. Plus, I added hot sauce of course!

I also got some pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookies since strawberries are out of season. The pumpkin pie was SO good I had my friend bring me some on his most recent visit from Oakland.
Took a bite before I took the picture ;)

I don't know if you can see the middle, it's soft but not quite gooey.

To make sure the weekend wasn’t all food indulgence, I went to the roller rink with my best friend. I wanted to start rollerblading again so last year I bought some used ones off craigslist for $15 instead of the $80ish for new ones. Good thing since this is the first time I’ve actually used them since the purchase!

It was great to get back into it on a hardwood floor rather than the often harsh and bumpy pavement. Better yet I will be all ready for Ice Skating in the park. Have to build up the much needed ankle strength!

Funny observation: Kids don’t look when they peel off the roller rink because they don’t drive! My friend and I kept looking left and right like we were merging and changing lanes. 5 year olds are more likely to cut you off or fall in front of you, so that was something to get used to.

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