Friday, June 13, 2008

When the Sum Equals its Parts

This week was disastrous in the way of food.

The Parts:
4 pieces of a variety of cookies (they were delightful, see below)

3 pieces of cake (1 piece would have been acceptable as it was my roommate's graduation, only problem was that half the cake came home with us.) I also ate tri tip three different days, once at the party and twice for lunch. It was damn good, but just a lot more meat, and fatty meat at that, than I usually eat.

2 nights out drinking (Granted I only had one drink each night, but still, those are calories I don't usually consume in a given week.)

1 piece of strawberry shortcake shared three ways (that one was fucking worth it!)

The Sum:
Instead of losing that last pound to get my 20, I have instead gained a pound and am again at 18, with 2 pounds to get to my mini milestone.

One the bright side, I exercised a shiton this week, which is probably the reason I only gained 1 pound and not 5. I had personal training on Saturday and it was awesome despite not being able to lift a gallon of milk the next day. I attended bootcamp everyday this week. On top of that, I went and did some lap swimming (ugh, I scraped my foot on the bottom, but that’s a post for tomorrow) and I played tennis. I also walked to and from work everyday except for Monday evening when we went to get Pho, and Tuesday evening when I took the bus to get to the pool before they closed.

Another plus, I am really pissed off that I followed two really good weeks with this shit. This just motivates me to super plan my week and go back to eating like a rabbit. By that I mean a lot of veggies and lean protein, I do not mean eating less.

Back to the strawberry shortcake, it was amazing, and in the old days (read 6 months ago) I would probably go get some every week. We finally tried Oakland's Bakesale Betty, a bakery delight.

Sidebar: I learned a few years ago to never stop exploring. Two of my favorite Santa Barbara establishments, Red's and South Coast Deli, I only discovered in the last 3 months that I was there. I still crave them all the time. I can appreciate having "go-to" restaurants, bars, etc. but I never stop trying new places, especially if they come highly recommended by multiple people.

Bakesale Betty's is one of those places. Everyone raves about it. When we got there it was about a half an hour to closing and there were tons of workers assembling/making treats in the back. There must have been 10 people standing shoulder to shoulder working away. Betty and another worker were in the front where all the goods are. We were mulling about trying to decide on what to buy when the woman behind the counter handed me a cookie to try. It was pecan shortbread. There were three of us and I immediately started breaking it up to share. While I was doing this my two companions were also handed cookies of their own, a ginger snap (my favorite of the three) and an oatmeal cookie. Cookies are all well in good, but the first thing that caught my attention was the strawberry shortcake in the refrigerated case. Strawberry shortcake should only be eaten with biscuits; sponge cake/pound cake needs to find a new home. This was the most delightful sweet biscuit with tons of strawberries and home made whip cream (see image above). Needless to say, the three of us made short work of it.


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