Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hard Knocks

Even when I was playing sports year round, I wasn’t injured this much! I have played multiple sports throughout my life but in middle school and high school I played tennis, basketball, and softball. The only injury I had/have was tendonitis. In both knees, ugh, oh well.

I have been plagued by a bunch of minor injuries since I really started getting back into training and working out. I wonder if it is because we do such a variety of training moves that come from multiple disciplines and before I was always doing really sport specific exercises.

Either way, it’s always something. Aside from general soreness, I’ve had multiple tweaked body parts in the last 5 months. In late February early March, I had some soreness is my lower back, which I think was from doing kettlebell swings with poor form and possibly too heavy of a bell. My left shoulder has been acting up lately and it also bothered me for a week in April. Almost all of May, I was feeling some sort of pull in the back of my knee which was the longest and most limiting injury. I really couldn’t do much cardio (running, jumping rope, even walking was irksome) and my progress suffered. Recently, I scraped three of my toes on the bottom of a pool. It doesn’t really hurt much when I work out because of how my shoes are cut, but when I play tennis it is all bad because of previously mentioned shoe troubles. The more annoying thing about scraping my foot was that it also chipped some of the polish off my pedicure. Lame.

In WNBA news, I went to see the Monarchs v. Sparks game this weekend. My girlfriend got me tickets as an early birthday present and she also gave me a wicked Parker jersey so I could show up to the game representin’. Sadly, Parker didn’t show up to represent in the first half. She only scored 5 points and the Sparks were down 31-44. Aside from the horrid refereeing, the Sparks just played poorly. The Monarchs also were playing fast + good defense, but they shot 18 free throws in the first half and the Sparks shot 3, a testament to the referees for sure. The reason I think the Sparks will take it all the way this year is that they came back to win the game 74-66. They have the skill and the game knowledge to turn it on and make great comebacks. Leslie played great in the second half and she finally got her points in the paint. This excursion reaffirmed my feelings that I will be spending a lot of time at ARCO. My girlfriend and I also decided that the Sparks waited to get going until they were shooting at our end of the court, so yay for me getting to see Parker up close, and her and Leslie delivering a few blocks. O, and a mad shout out to little Bobbitt, every time she came in she tore it up, made plays and buckets and got her team fired up.

Oh, and since I will be living in Sac we decided I need to have a jersey for a Monarch player since they only play the Sparks 3 times a year. I think since I already have the best player’s jersey, I could pick a Monarch player based on pure hotness. If it was based on skill, I would take Lawson for sure, plus we are built the same.

What do you think?

#21 Ticha Penicheiro


#14 Nicole Powell
Monarchs Storm Basketball

cast your vote in the comments :)


Mark Salinas said...

When I started Boot Camp at LifeTime Fitness almost 3 years ago I was 50 lbs. heavier. Within the first month of training I had back, knee, ankle and foot injuries. So I completely understand where you are coming from.
My most common nagging injury is my hip flexor (I wrote about it on my site). It is challenging and frustrating to deal with injuries and the best advice I can give is : "listen to your body." Good post!

zandria said...

Arrgghh!! How frustrating to WANT to be doing something active, but unable to (or in pain while you're doing it). Hope this all clears up soon!

plasticcalifornia said...

Thanks! I am mostly feeling better, but you are exactly right, its so frustrating!

MizFit said...

the first jersey!

plasticcalifornia said...

My girlfriend prefers Nicole... we might get both and then we can trade off.

Fitarella said...

Ticha baby!

Ok, so holy wow Mal, what the heck is going on woman?! Are you warming up? Post-workout stretching? What's going on w the kettlebell poor form? is there anyone around to correct/watch when you do it? We need you well chica!!