Friday, June 06, 2008

When Someone Is That Damn Good…

Sometimes you forget to breathe, to stop and check out the world around you. Seems my Parker love has given me a case of short term memory loss. I mean, the NCAA finals were not that long ago, and the WNBA draft was just after that. What I'm getting at is the Minnesota Lynx. They are the only undefeated team left in the WNBA. They are set to face off against the skilled Connecticut Sun (5-1) tonight.

The 3 rookies the Lynx acquired in the draft have been on fire. I have spoken about the other Candice, hailing from Stanford and putting on a show at the 2008 NCAA tournament. She averages almost 15 points per game (PPG) and is shooting at 45%. Their other guard Seimone Augustus
hails from LSU and led her team to 3 straight final fours. She averages almost 20 PPG and is shooting at 51%. Nicky Anosike, one of Parker’s teammates at Tennessee plays forward and center. She averages 12 PPG and is shooting at 47%.

I continue to be excited about the season. It too early to project anything, but it looks like it will be a great summer. In other bball news, 9 members of the women's Olympic basketball team were recently announced. I hope Sylvia Fowles is okay after the nasty spill she took the other day.

I would also like to wish my trainer a happy 29th birthday! She is a total badass and one of my biggest inspirations. I mean really who can deny the Jessica Zone.

Speaking of birthdays, this week was also my girlfriend’s birthday, and last week was one of my best friend’s birthday as well. Needless to say, I was a little indulgent with the deserts and meals out. But, I am happy to report, walking promotes weight loss! I kept to my 5 days a week morning work out routine, but I also tried to get in as close to 5 miles of walking a day as I could. Well, Guess what? It paid off! I lost 2 pounds this week despite some celebratory food. Yay. Only 1 more pound to go to get 20! Oh, and I almost got my pull up today ☺

I am scheduled to play some tennis tonight and I really hope my leg holds up. I pulled?strained? something in the back of my leg not so long ago, and then it magically went away on its own. It seems lateral movements irritate it. I hope this isn't a problem, because I have really been itching to get on the court lately, especially with this great weather we've been having. Go Rafa!

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