Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sometimes You Just Need Pho

Pho (pronounced fuh, not like fa which makes me think falalalala) is one of those things I will miss a lot. It’s not only the Pho, because you can get Pho, granted at varying qualities, in Sac. It is the whole experience surrounding my favorite Pho place and the neighborhood it’s in.

A typical Friday looks like this:

6:00am – get up and go to bootcamp
9:00am – leave for work
6:00pm – get picked up from work and drive to our favorite Pho place
6:30pm – pass by Lake Marrit in Oakland, comment on the beauty and suggest taking a walk after Pho*
7:00pm – eat delicious pho and bullshit
7:45pm – walk to the bar three shops down to continue bullshitting
8:30pm – walk across the street and get some cake to soak up the booze
9:00pm – go home and watch TV until we decide to call it a night

*We never walk around the lake, we just like to talk about it, which makes us feel better about the booze and the cake. Plus, it is really pretty and we do walk around it at other times, just not as part of this adventure.

Yesterday was Monday, and that makes our Pho adventure sort of untypical:

Two things that make a Pho place great
Good mix-ins: bean sprouts, basil, jalapeños, and lots of lime wedges

Also, they must have at least one gigantic fish tank, this place has two.

Our Pho always comes out in less than 5 minutes. Gently placed in front of us were 3 large shrimp Pho’s in beef broth. This is mine:

Usually I finish it all, but it was just too hot outside, so sadly I ended up leaving most of my broth.

Oh well, no use crying over left Pho when there are beers to be had.
(mine is in the middle, I’ve found my tolerance has significantly lowered since I started working out and watching what I eat/drink, also beers tend to make me all cotton mouthy at 6am and that’s no fun when you have to work out)

The best thing about Baggy’s is the neon green jukebox. We got 9 songs for $2, you can get 25 for $5, I know craziness. Usually one of us has some drama, that’s why we have our weekly therapy sessions. Tonight our jukebox selections were mostly my friend and I being jerks to our other musketeer. She picked the ones that don’t follow the theme. See if you can figure it out.

1. “Another One Bites The Dust” - Queen
2. “Call Me” - Blonde
3. “Take Me Home Tonight” – Eddie Money
4. “Wrong Way” - Sublime
5. “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” – The Police
6. “Moon Dance” – Van Morrison
7. “The Hardest Button To Button” – The White Stripes
8. “It Wasn’t Me” – Shaggy
9. “Lady Marmalade” – Patti LaBelle

Just for fun and to continue the sentiment:

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lol, i love this post! but i was sad that the video was no longer available