Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Law School in Two Words: Time Consuming


No, those are not my books. That would mean I actually had time to build the bookshelf to set them up on, and that I somehow had about 10 less books to read than last week, which sadly isn't true. Pictures forthcoming, but not sure when.

Not being able to move in to my apt. until the first day of orientation has gotten me a bit behind in the whole moving in thing. My kitchen is full of boxes and for someone who likes to cook, that's not a great thing; but honestly I haven't had time. It's a priority for the weekend I assure you.

Orientation week was filled with events, AND classes (we even had homework), and lots of helpful people doling out advice. Lets just hope I can remember it all and then utilize what will work for me.

Law school is unlike anything I've done before, but I am very thankful that I was a Law and Society major because I am not unfamiliar with reading cases, as some of my colleagues are. Also I am most thankful that I was able to take legal writing as an undergrad, which was basically like a little mini legal process class. I consider these experiences invaluable to my success this year, and I know this by day 1.

The reading is daunting in a way I never knew it could be. Its a mind fuck. You get an assignment that is 9 pages long, and yes, we are supposed to read it 2-3 times, but, I never thought it would take me 3+ hours to do what looks like a short assignment...for 1 class!

The first day of classes was surprisingly enjoyable, although I have already discovered the one person in class that you don't want to have sitting next to you. I shall hence forth call him Captain Douche.

If I know anything for sure it is that I never want to get behind in reading/assignments because I can already tell it will be like an avalanche and I would be buried fast.

On a positive note, the campus is pretty diverse...for law school. I make that distinction because there a long history of old white men running things and their well off white male kids attending, and then eventually a bunch of white men and women. So, its getting better if not far to slowly. On a personally specific note, there are two queer 1st year students, a guy in another section who I probably wont see often, and myself. There seems to be a few more queer 2nd and 3rd year students, and one faculty member. As such I got invited to the LGBT alumni association reception and it was really nice. ALL of my professors and the Dean were there in support, and there were a lot of successful alums milling about as well. I cannot complain about that!

Quick Fitness Update:
I hurt myself in one of my last training sessions at the IC, and have been unable to work out for about 2 weeks. It kills my soul. Somehow I separated the abdominal column that runs in between my ribs near the sternum. No fun. I am going to try to go swimming this evening, but I'm sure it will be one of many tests to see if I can in fact get back to the iron.

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MizFit said...

thanks for the update as Ive been thinking about you.
old white men---they everywhere huh?