Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Powers Law Students?

My classes begins at 9am...

Purely from observation:

Starbucks + Mac + Facebook
between 15-30 students on any given day (not everyone goes to Starbucks, some are home brew, some from the cafe)

A completely unnecessary pyramid
between 5-10 students on any given day (at least most people are going for sugar free...)

The big gulp isn't big enough for today’s America
between 5-10 students on any given day (Gives me cotton mouth thinking about it)

The caffeine + whatever else consumption really shocked me. I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much, but as a non soda drinker and someone who rarely drinks coffee (when I do, I drink the foofey kind that has a shot of espresso and the rest is sugar and milk) hearing someone crack open a red bull at 9am is going to take some getting used to.

This is what people start the day with, and I've often heard discussions of night caps. The questions becomes, can I get through law school maintaining my limited consumption of caffeine and alcohol while maintaining a healthy dose of the good ole H20? Damn it if I'm not going to try! When it gets cooler I will reintroduce tea into my day, but until then its water all the time.


furia said...

I've made it through 5 years of grad school sans caffeine, I'm sure you can do 3 years of law school!

Mark Salinas said...

Good luck!