Sunday, January 01, 2012

#GoOrGive January 2012

Well, I wanted to give a quick update about #GoOrGive.

My December effort was less than stellar for a variety of reasons, which all come down to the fact that I wasn't quite ready to really get back into the grind of fitness and health. Don't get my wrong, parts of it I love, but it is something I have to work at. It doesn't come easy, or naturally to me.

All that said, I did not meet my goals of both going to the gym and reaching 10,000 steps on 16 occasions in December. As a result I owed the Make It Safe Project $80, which I paid. :) On a positive note, what is sure to be my poorest effort will benefit a great organization. I also have some books to donate, so hopefully I will get around to mailing those out soon.
MakeItSafeProject Donation

In doing some self reflection, I have decided to post weekly how I did, it gives me a visual reminder of how much I owe and I think having to publicly (is anyone even reading this?) admit I missed more than a day or two in a given week will keep me on track. I also have an awesome new twitter accountability partner from the #livewellNOW/Fitfluential twitter crews. I hope both posting weekly, and having some daily encouragement will keep me on the right track.

Now, for the January charity: Planned Parenthood. This one was picked by my best friend, (I am taking suggestions for future months) and I think it is a good one, especially in a political climate where it is getting harder and harder for women to get the services they want and need. Instead of donating to a local chapter, I am going to donate to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, because it makes the lawyer part of me happy inside.

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Peter @readyforplanb said...

You're going to do a great job! One day at a time my friend!